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The Most Natural Looking, Golden Brown Sunless Spray Tan Available. 

If you are in need of an instantly dark tan, our Norvell Airbrush Tanning system is just what you have been searching for.

Airbrushed Sunless Spray Tanning

Be a bronzed sun god or goddess with skin worthy of worship itself! 

We use Norvell's micro-mist sunless spray solution, the most natural-looking, golden brown spray tan available.  It contains three perfectly-blended bronzers that give you the color you want immediately, and maintains that color for days with little visible color variation.  First, you'll see the natural looking tan of the cosmetic bronzer that is visible the moment the product is applied.  Next, the DHA bronzer starts building a beautiful golden brown color over 2-3 hours, becoming fully developed in 18-20 hours.  Lastly, a slower-developing additional bronzer similar to DHA kicks in to enrich and extend the life of your tan.

Full-Body Spray Tan Pricing:    $34.00 per session     

  • For best results, exfoliate your entire body prior to and as close to the appointment time as possible.

  • Do not apply body lotion, perfume, or deodorant prior to your appointment.  They act as a barrier on the skin and the solution will not be able to properly adhere.

  • Arrive with all makeup removed.

  • Have your hair up or pulled away from your face.

  • Wear dark, loose-fitting clothes to go home in.

  • You should avoid showering, perspiring, or washing your hands or face for at least 8 hours following your appointment.

  • The first time you do shower, expect to see the cosmetic tracer rinse off of your body.  This is not your tan; it is simply the bronzer in the solution that allows your technician to see exactly where she has sprayed.  Your tan will continue to develop.

We provide all disposables:  Bikinis, boxer shorts, strapless bras, hair nets, and sticky sandals.  Barrier creme is provided for your lips and the palms of your hands.   Undergarments are optional for females;  males must at least wear our disposable boxers or their own underwear.  If wearing your own clothing, please choose something that you wouldn't mind becoming potentially discolored, although we have found that the solution does wash out of most clothing.  A female staff member  will provide your spray tan service.


We highly recommend booking our pre-tan exfoliating scrub before your spray tan.  What you've heard is true.  You MUST exfoliate!  If you do not exfoliate well, (or even at all), your tan could start flaking off or begin looking splotchy within just 24 hours.  Simply put, this is really your skin flaking off, taking your tan with it.  Not only does this give you undesirable results, it prevents you from seeing the fantastic color a Venus spray tan can and will provide.  

Pre-Tan Exfoliating Scrub:  $30.00

Upper Torso Spray Tan:  $22.00  (Arms, chest, shoulders, back, neck, face)

Lower Body Spray Tan:  $22.00 (Legs only)

Face Only Spray Tan:  $10.00

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