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Manicures and Pedicures

Venus houses 7 pedicure chairs and 5 manicure stations.

PLEASE, inform or notify us if you already have GEL on your toes or fingers.  We need extra time to remove.

Mini Manicure:  $22.00

Tidy up with a quick polish removal before we clip, file, shape, and re-polish your nails to keep you looking fresh.  

Classic Manicure:  $26.00

We'll pamper your nails with a cleansing fizzy bath prior to clipping, filing, and shaping them.  Cuticle Care is included, and an aroma-infused lotion for your hand and arm massage will delight you before your chosen polish is applied.

Grand Venus Spa Manicure:  $32.00

This sumptuous service will leave your hands and nails looking simply radiant.  After a warm aromatherapy nail bath, we will treat your cuticles with an Apple alpha-hydroxy fruit acid to break down the residue of dead skin cells.  Our intensive milk and honey hand peel will exfoliate the skin and cells will be kept moist.  Organic grapes from Tuscany, Italy have been blended into an anti-oxidant Grapeseed Oil that will renew skin's appearance so it appears softer, smoother, and virtually lifted.  After careful grooming of your nails and cuticles, you'll receive a relaxing hand and arm massage before a hydrating paraffin treatment that will pamper your skin.  The application of your preferred polish is the grand finale.

Shellac Gel Manicure:  $36.00

Finally, a manicure that doesn't chip or smudge!  Our Shellac gel nail lacquer can last up to two weeks or more while protecting and strengthening the nail and allowing for growth.  It dries immediately; no waiting and smudging like regular nail polish.  You won't believe the beautiful long-lasting and super-shiny finish!

Shellac Removal Only:  $10.00

Soft Gel Tips:  $58.00, includes gel polish

Add French:  Extra $6


Classic Pedicure:  $40.00

Choose the scent of one of our famous homemade sugar scrub cubes and then sink into our comfy pedicure throne.   You'll then submerge your tired feet into a bubbling, heated whirlpool bath.  Your toenails are expertly filed and groomed, and your cuticles are maintained.  After a revitalizing leg and foot exfoliation with your choice of a delectably-scented sugar scrub, you will receive a wonderfully soothing foot massage.  Polish off the service with the lacquer color of your choice.

Chocolate Euphoria Pedicure$56.00

Our most indulgent!  Includes foot soak, clipping, filing, buffing, cuticle care, callus removal, an exfoliating organic dark chocolate leg / foot scrub, chocolate-scented hot towels, organic chocolate leg/foot massage, a heavenly rich chocolate foot mask (or chocolate or vanilla paraffin dips if you prefer) with cozy fleece booties for feet, and finally - polish with a shiny top coat.  Also, indulge in a few pieces of chocolate, (to taste now or take home) and ask for a hot cup of tea or coffee to hit the spot.

Any gel removal from toes:  $8

French:  Add $6

Add this rich, classic look to any manicure or pedicure.

Regular Polish Change:  Hands or Feet:  $12.00

Nail Art:   Hands or Feet:  Additional $2.00 + per nail

Paraffin Dip:  Hands or Feet:  $10.00

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Pedi $50.00

Enjoy the aroma of chocolate and strawberry when indulging in this Spa favorite.  Includes a warm foot soak, clipping, filing, buffing, cuticle care, callus removal, an exfoliating leg / foot exfoliation with juicy strawberry-scented sugar scrub cubes, soothing chocolate-scented hot towels, a chocolate-scented foot massage, warm Vanilla paraffin dips with fuzzy booties for your feet, and any polish color you choose, with either a super shiny or matte-finish top coat.    Ask for a hot cup of tea to further warm your soul while enjoying a few pieces of foil-wrapped chocolate.  

Grand Venus Pedicure:  $48.00

Ask for a cup of hot tea or coffee while you lounge in our ultra-luxurious pedicure throne.  Your feet will be submerged in a warm whirlpool bath to cleanse and soften your feet.  Next, a Milk and Honey exfoliating scrub (or sugar scrub of your choice) will stimulate circulation and leave the skin on your legs and feet feeling as soft as silk.  After your calluses are smoothed away, your cuticles are cared for before your nails are shaped.  A sumptuous foot and leg massage using a Milk & Honey Butter Blend (the nectar of the Gods) relaxes you before your feet are dipped in paraffin and swaddled in a pair of soft booties.  Finish with your chosen polish.  This is your finest hour.   

Buttercream Frosting Pedicure:  $48.00

All of the indulgence, none of the guilt!  Celebrate any day with an amazingly sweet treat for your senses and your feet.  We've whipped up a pampering pedicure that uses a blend of shea butter, nourishing jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, fruit extracts, and beeswax.  This service includes cuticle maintenance and nail care (clipping, filing, shaping), dry brushing of the legs, a Buttercream Frosting sugar scrub for the feet and legs, relaxing hot towels, a sumptuous massage using our finest Buttercream Frosting body butter, your choice of polish, and a delectable packette of Buttercream Frosting lotion to go, just for you. Spoil yourself, not your diet!  This stuff smells good enough to eat -- but please don't!

Perked Up Pedicure:  $50.00

The Perked-Up coffee pedi delivers an aromatic and pampering blend of goodness for your feet.  Dip your feet into a warm whirlpool bath to cleanse and soften them before a relaxing yet stimulating dry-brushing for your lower legs.  Next, enjoy our espresso foot and leg exfoliating scrub, creamy coffee massage, coffee-scented hot towels, vanilla bean paraffin dips, and all due nail and cuticle maintenance (clipping, filing, shaping) with polish.  Relax with a hot cup of joe brewed on the spot - just ask.

Fire and Ice Stone Pedicure:  $56.00

Indulge in one of the most luxurious pedicure experiences ever created.  After careful and complete nail and cuticle grooming, our warm, volcanic basalt stones are massaged into your feet and calves, rubbing out tension and helping to stimulate and relax the circulatory system.  Next, your feet are thoroughly exfoliated to remove roughness, dryness, and dead skin.  An ultra-hydrating and cooling foot masque with Shea Butter Extract, Cucumber, Green Tea and Menthol relaxes you before you're perfectly polished up.  Your mind, body, and spirit will love you for this gift from mother earth.

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