• APPOINTMENTS ONLY.  No walk-ins for any service.  Individuals seeking retail purchases or gift card sales may enter only with a mask in place and must use the hand sanitizer machine at the door.

  • You MUST be on time.  Arriving 5-10 min. early is helpful.  Late arrivals may have their scheduled appointment time reduced, but will still be charged full price.

  • Our waiting area will need to be in your car.  We will either call you when we are ready for you to enter the building or we will come outside to get you.  There will be no waiting areas or extra chairs inside at this time.  PLEASE DO NOT CALL WHEN YOU ARRIVE.  We are expecting you so we will contact you.

  • Masks are currently required by all clients and staff, so please bring yours.  Disposables are available for a $2 fee if you have forgotten or do not have a mask.

  • Only the client having the service is allowed in the Spa and Salon. Please, NO children or friends.  Small children receiving a haircut shall be accompanied by one parent or guardian.

  • Use the automatic hand sanitizer machine inside our door upon entering the building.

  • For hair services, there will be NO blow drying at this time to lessen the spread of droplets.

  • New clients will need to be scheduled AFTER we prioritize appointments for those who missed their scheduled services with us since 3/17/20.

  • As of 6/12/20, a 50% fee WILL BE CHARGED if you fail to show and/or miss your appointment without 24 hours' notice.  We have a large number of people that are eagerly awaiting an appointment, therefore, we can no longer allow no-shows without a penalty.  No-shows will not be allowed to re-book any service(s) with us until 50% of their previously-missed appointment is paid in full.

In order to abide by new COVID-19 PA state laws, there will be a mandated compliance fee of $2.00 that will be applied to all final service totals over $20.00 at this time.  This fee will cover all required staff personal protection equipment, COVID-19 supplies and products, and altered operating procedures that are necessary to ensure complete sanitation and safety within the Spa.  We appreciate your understanding and support.

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